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As a government entity, the Federal Emergency Management Association, which better known as FEMA, is not allowed to get involved with private commerce in any way, but it still has a public safety mandate to make sure that you know everything that you need to know about tornado shelters and safe rooms and storm safes, including info on pricing. We at Storm Shelters Direct are here to pass some of that cost info along to you; between the rebates, the financing, and our already low prices, providing protection for your family is actually more affordable than you think.

Most of the quotes that you'll get are about standard storm shelter size rooms, usually 8x8x8 square feet, although they can come even smaller than that. An above-ground tornado shelter that's a separate room attached to your home will cost more than a prefabricated one that can sit in your garage or outside on your property. An in-ground shelter will naturally come at higher prices than an aboveground type, simply because of the cost involved in digging a hole for it.

Steel shelters will always cost a bit more than concrete, directly depending on just how much steel is in those walls (concrete storm shelters always come with some steel reinforcement in them). Fibreglass costs even less than both but has not been proven to be a reliable storm shelter material, especially in below-ground shelters where thousands of pounds of Earth's pressure are being applied day in and day out. Speaking of which, if you get a below ground shelter and you add amenities such as handrails and removable staircases and padded benches for the comfort and safety of your family, you'll end up paying a little bit more. Same goes for an above-ground shelter. The cost can go up depending on how secure and complicated an electronic lock you might need, or how many exits you want, or whether or not you want a full-blown panic room with cameras and surveillance monitors.

Likewise, a concrete pour done around an in-ground tornado shelter offers you an extra layer of security against ground water, but it will also drive up the price. The cost of installing a below ground shelter may also add up if you live in an area with particularly rocky soil or other obstacles to excavation. FEMA recommends a minimum 6 square feet of space per person for comfort during a tornado, a number that swells to 10X10 feet when you're trying to keep everyone comfortable and safe for a longer period of time -- say, during a hurricane. You'll need to keep these stats in mind when purchasing your shelter; fortunately we also have a convenient form on this website that will help you get a basic idea of what you need and how much you might want to set aside for it!


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