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So you're considering a storm or tornado shelter or safe room from Storm Shelters Direct, but you can't quite come up with enough money to just buy one outright, even after doing the research, the legwork, and the math. You're not eligible for a grant or a rebate where you live, but you're also not sure you want to go through a bank to get the security and peace of mind you want, either. Relax, at Storm Shelters Direct, we can put you in touch with several institutions that'll come up with some way to help you out -- some payment plans are reasonable enough to maybe change your mind. Because federal, state, and local governments have a vested interest in keeping its citizens safe and its disaster relief down, and because banks have a vested interest in complying with government initiatives, prices for storm shelter financing are thankfully pretty affordable. If you can afford even a hundred bucks a month payment for your family's safety, you can have a shelter right now, and have it paid off in just a few years. Some plans are even cheaper and shorter than that!

Even if you live in Texas, you can get a storm shelter loan from the Oklahoma Central Credit Union for as low as one percent interest, while Communication Federal Credit Union will offer qualified applicants an APR as low as 0.75. Tinker Federal Credit Union goes all the way down to 0.70 percent APR. Now that's cost effective! Oklahoma Educators Credit Union offers loans for storm shelters, as well, as do Plains Land Bank and AgTexas Farm Credit Services.

You can also skip the private sector entirely and go straight to the government itself: Tornado shelters are now eligible for FHA 203(k) rehabilitation loans and their sister FHA 203(b) construction loans thanks to the generous deals constructed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in association with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). Storm shelter loans also get cheaper and easier to come by when your own personal town or county is damaged by a tornado; the Small Business Administration in particular offers low-interest loans to disaster stricken communities, and will often increase the amount of said loans by up to 20 percent in order to allow homeowners to build, buy, or install a tornado shelter or safe room, depending on your credit,

One thing to remember is that all of these loans are contingent upon installing storm shelters that meet or exceed the guidelines set by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency that determines federal guidelines for truly safe manufactured tornado shelters. All the products offered by Storm Shelters Direct meet or exceed those guidelines, laid out by Texas Tech University and its National Wind Institute through extensive testing. And if for some reason you still can't get the financing you need, even with starter money and good credit, we here at Storm Shelters Direct offer our own financing, easy monthly credit terms available for all budget types for just a small deposit of $300!

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