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8 Simple Steps on How to Be Safe During an Evening Tornado

Justin Brotton - Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tornados can be devastating and terrifying but there is nothing more soul shattering than having to deal with the dread and terror that floods through your bones during an evening or night tornado like the tornado that ripped through Tulsa, OK on Aug 6th. Night tornados are twice as likely to kill as their daytime counterparts. The Tulsa Tornado is an example of how shattering a nighttime tornado can be. By following a few simple tips you have the best chance of keeping you and your family safe in this horrendous event.


1. Preparation is Key

It’s important to keep up to date with the latest weather info and anti-tornado devices on the market. By making sure you have a tornado plan in place in the home then it will keep nerves steady when one finally hits.

2. Do a Nighttime Run Through

Having a great plan in place is all very well and good, but the best way to make sure everyone knows how to respond is to run through the event. Better yet, make sure you test out the plan at night! Not only does it help everyone get used to how different things look in the dark but will also highlight anything that needs improving.

3. Get a Tornado Shelter Installed

A tornado shelter from Storm Shelters Direct is one of the best things that can save your life during a tornado. Offering you shelter and safety when all hell is breaking loose outside, the invention of these shelters has saved more lives than we can count over the years.

4. Go to Your Pre-Decided Space

Whether it’s a shelter, the most internal (ground floor!) room or even the basement in your house then you need to head directly there when you hear the sirens kick in, or when you feel the heighted threat of severe weather.

5. Don’t Use Electricity If Possible

A flashlight or lantern with batteries is a better way to light your way than when the lights are flicking. You never know when power lines might go down so you’re better off not relying on electricity during a severe weather event.

6. Don’t Use Candles As a Light Source

Candles might seem like an excellent idea to light your tornado shelter but you are much better off using a flashlight or lantern or even sitting in the dark. You never know if the gas line might burst and you don’t want any ignitors anywhere near you.

7. Glow-In-the-Dark Paint Can Be Wonderful

This neat little trick can help guide your way even in the darkest nights. By painting arrows to your shelter it will make the trip that little bit easier. If you really want you can use UV paint and just keep a UV light next to your bed.

8. Check the House Over

When the tornado has finally gone past and you’re in the clear, you need to check your house over straight away. There’s every chance that pipes and wires will have been displaced and you need to know whether you’re safe in your home.

Staying safe in a tornado can be relatively easy if you’re always on high alert. A few simple installations like a tornado shelter from Storm Shelters Direct will help you weather the storm.

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