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Everyone’s an amateur meteorologist in Oklahoma

Justin Brotton - Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Some individuals are real weather bugs and not only do they take pleasure in monitoring and studying the weather, they actually want to grow up to be meteorologist. Being an authentic scientist, usually requires a college degree and a meteorological accreditation. As an alternative, they train themselves in meteorology to become an amateur meteorologist and storm watchers.

Although, there are no real regulations on what is required to become an amateur meteorologist, there are certain skills that most individuals who practice meteorology usually do and they include:

Record and observe the latest weather trends

Forecast and make predictions

Measure wind, temperature, rain and other weather components

Study weather patterns (especially tornados in Oklahoma)


Both professional and amateur meteorologists share the same excitement for weather. Becoming an amateur meteorologist allows you to enjoy the science and fun of meteorology and tornado watching without having to endure years of coursework.

There are no job possibilities because being an amateur meteorologist is just a hobby, you can:

Inform and teach others about the weather

Report forecasts for your friends or neighborhood

Watch and detect weather patterns like tornados

Offer your services to record backyard or local weather information for the town, media outlet, and schools


Amateur meteorologists can play an important role in their communities by providing an awareness of local weather problems (tornados), monitoring, and logging tornadic events and presenting important weather data. As always, any amateur meteorologist needs a good tornado shelter to be safe in the event of severe weather, and the shelters at OKC Storm Shelters Direct provide the highest quality storm shelters.


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